The Social and Behavioral Sciences of Panola College provides quality instruction in the fields of Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Psychology and Sociology. These programs are in integral part of the academic programs offered at Panola. Most of the classes offered are a part of the college core and the course credits are transferable to most universities within the state of Texas. Course instruction is offered in several formats, most notably face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes. Further, the classes are offered year-round. Many of these courses are needed for the successful completion of bachelor degrees at a university. Yet, university class sizes for introductory courses typically numbers in the hundreds. At Panola, we opt for lower class sizes and seek a more personalized education environment. The faculty of the Social and Behavioral Sciences are very good at working with students to help them achieve a quality education.

Program Areas

  • Economics
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Full-time Faculty

Bill Offer – Professor of History

Professor Offer is a retired Louisiana police officer. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology Degree in General Studies and a Master of Arts Degree in History from Louisiana Tech University. He is also a Graduate of the F.B.I Instructor Developmental Course. Prof. Offer has headed the history department at Panola College for five years and is the advisor to the Panola History Club. He currently teaches US History I & II, Texas History, and Western Civilization. His loves history and says it is his goal to let students see history through his eyes.  

Brian Naples – Professor of Government

Professor Naples is a New York native who transplanted to Texas in 2005. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Franciscan University in Ohio and a Masters of Politics degree from the University of Dallas. Prof. Naples has headed the government department at Panola College for 8 years and is the advisor of the Panola College Student Government Association. He specializes in American Political philosophy and currently teaches Federal and Texas Government.

Don Cocklin – Professor of Psychology

Professor Cocklin holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Ozark Bible College and a Master of Arts degree in Family and Marriage from the University of Texas at Tyler. Professor Cocklin has headed the psychology department at Panola for over 10 years. He is a licensed counselor and pastor at First Christian Church in Carthage. He currently teaches Introduction to Psychology and Psychology of Human Development for Panola.

Mark Dickerson – Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Professor Dickerson is a retired Deputy Police Chief from Henderson Texas. He holds an Associate of Arts degree from Kilgore College, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Tyler, and a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies for Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Speech/Communications from the University of Texas at Tyler. He holds numerous Texas peace officer instructor certifications, obtained a Master Peace Officer Certification in 1996, and serves as one of Panola’s many campus peace officers. Currently, Professor Dickerson teaches Introduction to Sociology, Marriage and Family, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Court Systems and Practices, Criminology/Crime in America, Fundamentals of Criminal Law, Correctional Systems and Practices, Criminal Investigation, and Police Systems and Practices. Professor Dickerson has been a licensed Texas Peace Officer since 1979 and brings many years of experience to his classroom.

Larry Wade – Professor of History, Government, and Geography

Professor Wade holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Stephen F. Austin University. Professor Wade is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society and a member of Gamma Theta Upsilon International Geography Honor Society. He is also an accomplished writer, journalist, and church minister.  Prof. Wade currently teaches World Regional Geography, Federal Government, Texas Government, US History I & II, Texas History, and Western Civilization.

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