Welcome to Panola College Theatre!

“All the world’s a stage…”  William Shakespeare

Actors, Designers, Technicians – whatever your passion, we have what it takes to provide you with the training and experience you need to successfully pursue your dreams.

We believe in Learning By Doing, providing hands-on experience for actors, technicians, and designers in an active department where students learn their craft from participation in productions as well as in intensive, intimate classroom environments.

Courses Offered: 

Drama 1310:  Introduction to Theatre

A general survey of theater including exploration of dramatic literature, theory, and criticism; production arts, skills, and crafts; and theater history from 500 BC to the present. Course requires good reading and writing skills. Attendance at plays and Technical Lab hours required. DRAM 1310, is part of the CORE Curriculum Requirements for General Education and other degree programs.*  Course is offered both face-to-face and online.

Drama 2336 Introduction to Cinema

A study in the art and history of film both nationally and internationally.  Course requires film viewing from the early silents to new releases.  The art and science of film is explored through research, hands-on production, and critique.*

Drama 1330: Stagecraft I & Drama 2331 Stagecraft II

Basic skills and techniques of theatrical mounting. Materials and principles of scene construction and painting, properties, and stage lighting. Participation on technical crews required. *

Drama 1342  Intro to Costume

Introduction to the elements of Costume design and construction.  Hands-on experience designing and creating electronic portfolios, production assignments, and building shows.

Drama 1351/1352 2351/2352:  Acting I – II & Acting III-IV

Basic skills and techniques of acting, including increased sensory awareness, ensemble and solo performing, character analysis, and script analysis. Development of stage presence and characterizations through improvisations and scenes. *

Drama 1322: Stage Movement

Beginning studies exploring various methodologies of movement for character physicality.  

Drama 2336:  Voice for the Theatre

Application of the performer's use of the voice as a creative instrument of effective communication. Encourages an awareness of the need for vocal proficiency and employs techniques designed to improve the performer's speaking abilities. *

Drama 1241:  Makeup

Design and execution of makeup for the purpose of developing believable characters. Includes discussion of basic makeup principles and practical experience of makeup.*

Drama 1220, 1221, 2220, 2221 Practicum I-IV

Laboratory course in phases of theater. Students assigned areas compatible with experience and/or interest.*


*At least one per semester required for all theatre scholarship students –pending student’s schedule not all courses need to be taken in one semester with the exception of practicum.

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult..."Bertolt Brecht