Panola College classes in Speech Communication provide instruction in the fundamentals of effective and persuasive public speaking, good writing, critical thinking, and thoughtful analysis. Courses include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication

Speech Communications - Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication courses are options within the Core Curriculum for students seeking an associate degree from Panola College, or a bachelor's degree from a university. These course options help students develop confidence and skill in preparing and delivering presentations and speeches, and offer learning opportunities related to communication among individuals and groups, including intercultural awareness.

The Pony Express - Now completely online at, the first edition of the Panola College newspaper, The Pony Express, was published on October 28, 1948. Now published as an online newspaper, The Pony Express remains the primary source for news, features, editorials and personality profiles about Panola College students and faculty. In addition, the publication documents campus activities and events for historical reference.