Panola College Curriculum Vitae Implementation and Maintenance.

Panola College has maintained vitae for faculty routinely as a part of the process for meeting requirements of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). A database of faculty vitae for the College website has been created and includes information as identified by H. B. 2504. Faculty receive annual notices to update vitae information. The online Curriculum Vitae database in maintained by the Director of Human Resources. Newly hired adjunct (including dual credit) faculty records are reviewed each semester by the Director of Human Resources to add new hires as needed. The Vice President of Instruction works with the Director of Human Resources to assure accuracy of information.


Adkins, Brad

Alexander, Shelly (inactive)

Andreatta, Jacky

Bauer, Sandra

Beasley, Teresa (inactive)

Bishop, Kimberly

Brewster, Ashley

Brooks, Jeff

Bush, Sarah

Calhoun, Amy (inactive)

Cassell, Clint

Chaput, Sarah

Clements, Amanda

Cocklin, Don

Collins, Chris

Collins, Jeffrey

Collinsworth, Roberta

Dickerson, Mark

Edwards, Anthony

Ferguson, Dwayne

Field, Jo Lynn

Fotinos, Tonya (inactive)

Fults, Paula

Furr, Alex

Green, Julie

Gruber, Betty

Hall, Daniel

Hall, Sherlynn

Handley, Haylie

Hanson, Lynn

Healy, Janet (inactive)

Hibbard, Lindsey (inactive)

Hines, Hunter

Hooten, Patricia

Hubbard, Dwaine

Hudson, Darrell

Jacobs, Ashlie (inactive)

Jackson, Annissa

Johnson, Charlene

Johnson, Corey

Jones, Brian

Jones, Kimberly

King, Karen

King, Terrie

Kite, Eddie (inactive)

Klingler, Chasity

Koller, Mary (inactive)

Lambert, Cheri

Leming, Julie

McCray, Amber (inactive)

McDaniel, Daron

McMillan, Grant (inactive)

Miller, Lisa

Morris, Rebecca

Morton, Ronnie

Mothershed, Tamra

Naples, Brian

Offer, Bill

Pace, Michael

Parker, Kristy

Peace, Sharon

Pike, Pam

Redmon, Patti

Russell, Jo Ellen

Rutherford, Kevin

Salone, Charde'

Shelton, Todd

Sienko, Whitney

Singletary, Cathy (inactive)

Singletary, Tim (inactive)

Singleton, Donna

Singleton, Ron (inactive)

Smith, Aaron

Smith, Bobbie

Snodgrass, Douglas

Spencer, Earnest

Sullen, Joslyn

Thorn, Nicole

Vance, Laura

Wade, Larry

Walker, Becky

Watlington, Kathy

Wilkins, Bob (inactive)

Witherspoon, Laura

Wylie, Jaynellen

Zabcik, Emily



Adams, Dwayne

Aipperspach, Ian

Alfaro, Becky

Allen, Alice (inactive)

Anderson, Santana (inactive)

Barnett, Jason (inactive)

Barnett, Sherri (inactive)

Bartlett, Jack (inactive)

Beasley, Mike (inactive)

Blackwell, Rodney

Blair, Chris (inactive)

Blaylock, Adam (inactive)

Boland, Ann

Boswell, Amber

Britt, Teresa (inactive)

Brooks, Barbara (inactive)

Brooks, Teresa

Bryan, Laura

Burkindine, Jill (inactive)

Chance, Mary

Clark, Amber

Cook, Ginger

Cook, Shelley (inactive)

Coon, Jennifer (inactive)

Cordell, Barbara (inactive)

Cothran, Alyssa (inactive)

Cross, Solomon

Dickson, Johnny (inactive)

Dickson, Terri

Edge, Larry

Elliott, Michael

Ferguson, Cristie

Foster, Christina (inactive)

Freeman, Shannon

Fry, Becky

Galloway, Robert

Garrett, Matt

Gee, Stacy (inactive)

Geisler, William

Gibson, Jim

Giddens, Brianne

Graves, Jason (inactive)

Green, Sharon

Hall, Debra (inactive)

Hamilton, Brenda (inactive)

Hancock, Amanda

Harrington, Amber

Harris, Amy

Harris, Ashley

Harris, Joseph

Harrison, Earnest (inactive)

Harrison, Gricelda (inactive)

Harrison, Hiram

Harrison, Robert

Hawkins, Shaina

Hays, Jane (inactive)

Hervey, Erica (inactive)

Holler, Bill (inactive)

Hudson, Chelsea (inactive)

Hunter, Derek (inactive)

Jaskiewicz, John (inactive)

Jennings, Melinda (inactive)

Johnson, Shannon

Kacenjar, Leonard (inactive)

Keeling, Jake (inactive)

Keeling, Nancy (inactive)

Kelley, Deborah

Kennedy, Kathy

Kennedy, Samantha

Kincaid, Nicole

King, Joshua

Koonce, Delilah (inactive)

Kotin, Stephan (inactive)

Lawrence, Eric (inactive)

Lee, Cathy (inactive)

Lester, Cancee

Loftice, Matt

Marshall, Maranda (inactive)

Mayfield, William

McCann, Brad

McFarland, Gayle

McFerrin, Bill

McGowan, Mike (inactive)

Metcalf, Charlotte

Miller, Dana (inactive)

Mills, Theresa (inactive)

Moore, Douglas

Moreland, Joy (inactive)

Mooty, Paula (inactive)

Munday, Mihaela

Nafe, Sarah

Nohse, Becky (inactive)

Odom, Curtis

Oliver, Corey

Oswalt, Natalie

Ott, Betsy (inactive)

Pace, Jessica

Payne, Randy (inactive)

Penick, Susan

Permenter, Jim

Pigg, Mary

Qualls, Melinda

Reid, Allen

Reyes, Schelice

Reynolds, Jared

Reynolds, Sue Ann (inactive)

Rice, Mary (inactive)

Rich, Karen

Roberts, Paul

Rogers, Kathy (inactive)

Runnels, James (inactive)

Sellountos, Dimitrios

Serna, Celina (inactive)

Shaw, Jami

Silvey, Lynn

Simpson, William (inactive)

Sigler, Lisa

Slayton, Kathy (inactive)

Solomon, Kristan

Smith, Stacie (inactive)

Stampley, Lisa (inactive)

Stewart, Steve

Sypert, Sharon (inactive)

Taylor, Charles

Taylor, Leslie (inactive)

Thornton, Charles (inactive)

Thrasher, Lauren (inactive)

Turner, Tami

Umbrell, Heaven (inactive)

Ungerer, Kimberly (inactive)

Vance, Shane

Walker, Tiffany (inactive)

Watlington, Chris

Whiddon, Michele

Wilkins, Denise Duzan

Williamson, Jeri

Willoughby, Levi

Windham, Claire

Winn, Rusty (inactive)