Panola College - Pony Alert!

Panola College has teamed up with RAVE Mobile Safety Alert and its emergency notification system to send text and e-mail messages to the College community, in the event of delays, closures, or emergencies at the College.  Sign Up for text and e-mail messages in the event of Panola College delays, closures, or emergencies. To sign up, go to the Pony Alert section on the Campus Police page.

Those registering for emergency notification will be requested to give their name, e-mail address and phone number. Please note that while signing up for PONY ALERT is free of charge, wireless carriers may charge users a fee to receive text messages.

Web, Radio, and TV notifications

Check the College's Web site at Any closures or delays, due to inclement weather will be announced on the home page.

Call the College's main phone number, 903-693-2000, to hear an updated message, in the event of closures or delays.

Tune in to area radio or television stations.  Several radio and TV stations are notified. Among the stations with most frequent updates are: Television - ABC Channel 3 KTBS; NBC Channel 6 KTAL; Channel 7 KLTV; CBS Channel 12 KSLA;  Radio - KGAS Carthage 104.3FM, KQBB Center 100.5FM; KMHT Marshall 103.9FM. The College community should also check these stations' websites for information as well.

Delayed Opening

If the school or campus opening is delayed by more than half time of your class, do not report to class, otherwise come to class. 


Definition: Weather conditions that could result in the formation of tornados.

The Police Department will monitor weather conditions with the use of a weather scanner and bulletins from the National Weather Services and will notify campus administration upon the issuance of a tornado watch.


Definition: A tornado has been spotted in the area or has been indicated by radar.

1. The Police Department will notify the college president (or representative) and the decision to evacuate will be made by that college office, designee or police officer.

2. Police officers and designated monitors will evacuate all persons in campus building to designated tornado shelters on campus.

Severe Weather



  • If you are told to evacuate, do take your personal belongings (if possible).
  • Follow instructions and evacuate immediately.
  • Monitor the Panola College web site for further information.

Traffic Jam


  • DO NOT go to the campus unless told it is okay by school officials after an emergency. If you go to the campus, you may be putting yourself and others in danger.
  • DO check your local radio and TV stations, the Panola College web site, or by calling 903-693-2000. If there is an emergency, the phone lines may become busy or needed for official business.
  • DO listen and watch for announcements when on campus to ensure it is safe to move around.


BE READY! Knowing what to do protects you and your family!