This page is provided to give students and employees some tips to prevent crimes from occurring as well as provide tips to look for that might indicate criminal activity is about to occur.

Security Reminders: It takes eight seconds for a thief to enter your room and leave with your valuables! Over 90 percent of room and office thefts involve occupants who were"just gone for a few moments."

  •  Be alert to strangers; don't open doors to unknown callers, EVER.
  •  When away for an extended time, have a neighbor watch your room.
  •  Keep drapes drawn when undressing or retiring for the night.
  •  Never give information to strangers on the phone.
  •  Close and LOCK your door every time you leave, even for"a moment."

Common Sense Guide to Protection For Off Campus Residents

  •  Drawn shades during the day are a solid clue that no one is at home.
  •  Maintain a bathroom light all night; it indicates someone is awake.
  •  Keep a radio playing softly during your absence.
  •  Do not leave notes indicating that you are away.
  •  Leave key with a trusted friend; don't attempt to hide it outside. Do not prop doors open .
  •  Never leave valuables easily visible from the outside; lock them up.

Never admit a stranger into lobby when entering your residence hall.

  •  Avoid being alone on an elevator with a stranger; stand by the emergency buttons.
  •  Do not furnish personal information by telephone to a stranger.
  •  Do not enter if door is ajar or if you suspect intrusion; call the Campus Police.
  •  If confronted inside, escape at the first opportunity. If you can't, throw an object through the window; scream, anything you can do to draw attention.
  •  Hang up immediately on obscene or threatening calls. Report to Campus Police.

Use the Phone! We need your eyes and ears in the fight against crime. Report anything"out of the ordinary" and watch for the most obvious things to report such as:

  •  A stranger loitering in or around the premises.
  •  Someone"testing" doorknobs as they walk down a hallway.
  •  People carrying property out of a building, especially at unusual hours.
  •  A person screaming or calling for help.
  •  Unusual sounds: glass breaking, loud explosion, gunshots, etc.
  •  Anyone peering into cars, cruising the lots, tampering with cars.
  •  Burnt out lights, ineffective locks and security devices or safety hazards.

Tips on Phone Use: Dial 9-1-1 for all emergencies. For non emergencies dial 903-693-1100.     Tips to remember are:

  •  Remain calm, be observant, call quickly and remain on the line until told otherwise.
  •  Relate what happened, where, when and if injuries are involved is there a WEAPON.
  •  Get a description of suspects from head to toe; write it down.
  •  Get vehicle description, license number, direction of escape.