Panola College Distance Learning

Panola College offers three types of eLearning Classes.

Wifi on campus

1. Internet Courses

There are usually no classroom sessions to attend. You, the student, take a very active role in your learning. You are expected to participate with other students in a variety of activities, turn your assignments in on time, and read a great deal of material. All online courses are required to have at least two proctored exams at a testing center approved by the instructor.

2. Online Hybrid Courses

Fifty percent or more of your time will be spent online. The remainder will be in class. Most of your course content will be available on the web and class time will be used to expand your understanding of what you have learned online. This method is becoming most popular with students and instructors because it combines the best of the online and face-to-face worlds.

3. Interactive Television (ITV) Courses

ITV, or Interactive Television, courses are synchronous because everyone meets at the same time although they are in different physical locations. ITV classrooms are located in Carthage, Center, Marshall, and area high schools. If you are not in the ITV classroom with your instructor, you will have a facilitator to assist students and to maintain equipment. ITV classes may be hybrid.