Panola College Social Media Standards and Guidelines 

Panola College will use social media sites to encourage and to create dialogue between the College and its target audiences, thus building relationships and supporters.

For the College, as a Whole

  • Build an online community of supporters for Panola College
  • Create relationships with existing and potential students as well as faculty, staff, and the community
  • Increase enrollment and maintain retention of current students
  • Increase brand engagement and visibility within the community

For Academic Departments

  • To find opportunities (internships, job leads) for current students
  • To assist with assessment
  • To maintain connection to alumni and help foster connections among alumni

For Student Groups (Example: SGA, PTK, Caddo Club, etc.)

  • To communicate with members (events, communications, pictures)
  • To recruit members
  • To offer value- make a difference in another person's life

Parameters That Will Be Used to Measure Success

  • Participation- the extent to which users engage with Panola College's content
  • Influence - the size of the user base subscribed to your content
  • Web traffic - the number of unique visitors, page views to Panola College's web site




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