• General Housing Policies
  • Check in/Check out Procedures
  • Residence Hall Policies
  • Prohibited Actions/Items
  • General Housing Information
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  • Disciplinary Sanctions and Fines

    Guide to Residence Life

    Panola College offers a complete residence life program. This program gives each student an opportunity to be more engaged in the learning process and have more of a sense of community. Studies have shown that students who live on campus tend to have higher graduation rates, achieve greater academic success, are more involved in campus life, and tend to use campus resources more frequently than those not living near campus. Our Residence Life program not only offers three different tyles of housing but also offers a fitness center, student center, game room, sand volleyball court, campus dining, and many educational opportunities. Our program enables student growth both academically and socially.

    All residents are expected to adhere to all policies described in this Guide, the College Catalog, and the Pathfinder. Any additional information may be covered during mandatory residence hall meetings, postings, student email, or mailboxes.  

    Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

    The RLC is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the residence life program and residence halls. The RLC is committed to establishing social and educational programs to support resident’s transition to the college experience. The RLC has the authority to issue and carry out sanctions and disciplinary actions for any residence life violations.

    Residence Hall Supervisor (RHS)

    The RHS is responsible for assisting the Coordinator with the day-to-day operations of the residence halls and all programs.  Residents and their visitors are expected to be courteous and respectful to the RHS at all times. The RHS also has the authority to issue disciplinary sanctions in accordance with all written College policies. All incidents will be recorded and sent to the RLC along with recommended disciplinary action.

    Resident Assistants (RA’s)

    RA’s are students who assist the RHS in the day-to-day operations of the RH. RA’s report directly to the RHS and are available to all students when a need arises. Get to know your RA’s! They are your first contact in most situations and they are here to help you!

    Chain of Command (Important Numbers)

  1. Contact your RA Monday – Thursday 8 am – 10 pm
  2. Any other time call the RA on duty as per the calendar provided
  3. A. McCray 903-445-2162, K. Weaver 254-715-9838
  4. RLC - Katy Chance office- 903-693-1176 cell 903-692-3572
  5. Campus Police Office 903-693-1112 cell 903-754-1693
  • Once you have spoken with someone do not continue up the chain. The person you spoke with will know how to handle the situation. The RA is your first contact. If a situation is life threatening, then immediately contact Campus Police.


    Residency Requirements

    • Residents must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours per semester (minimum of 1 semester hour per summer session). Requests for exceptions to this policy must be made in writing to the RLC.
    • Residents must complete the online Housing Application (paper version is available in the Residence Life Office). Proof of medical coverage must be provided with the application. Students choosing not to carry medical coverage must sign and return the medical waiver provided with the application.
    • Residents must pay a deposit of $200.
    • Residents must provide shot records proving the student has the bacterial meningitis vaccination.
    • Residents must make full payment or be on an approved payment plan prior to check-in.
    • Residents must agree to abide by all policies and procedures outlined in this handbook and the Pathfinder.
    • The deposit refund is mailed to the student’s address of record, and no on-the-spot refunds will be made. Failure to either reserve a room for the next semester or request a refund will result in the forfeit of the deposit.
    • Leaving housing for disciplinary reasons will result in automatic forfeiture of the deposit.

    Room Assignments

    • Room assignments are made on a first come first serve basis based upon the date of completed application process including receipt of: Housing application, $200 deposit, Medical insurance information or Waiver, and shot records .
    • Roommate and room assignments are made on a random basis unless specific requests are made. The Residence Life Staff makes every effort to match roommates and suite mates based upon common interests indicated on the RH Application.
    • The College reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone or modify or reassign RH space.  
    • Improper or unauthorized room changes may result in disciplinary action and being moved back to original room assignment.
    • Requests for room/roommate changes should be made to the RLC in writing. Mediation will be attempted first, if no agreement can be reached and space is available moves can be made for a $25.00 charge per student No room changes will be made without mutual consent of both roommates.
    • Requests for private rooms will be considered by the RLC for an additional charge of $600 per semester only if space is available.

    Room Reservations for Returning Students

    Room reservations for returning students are made during each semester. There will be a mandatory meeting for all residents near the end of the semester.  At this time you will fill out your housing requests for the following semester.  Not attending a mandatory housing meeting will result in a $100 fine and a hold being placed on the students account.


    Satisfactory Attendance and Academic Progress Requirements for RL

    The RL Department strives to provide a suitable environment for all residents during their stay on the Panola College campus. The purpose of this policy is to nurture residents and support their academic progress. The following academic and attendance requirements are for all students residing in the RH:

    1. Enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester college hours. RL staff will determine the enrollment status of all residents. All students not currently enrolled in the required number of hours will be required to move out of the Panola College RH within 24 hours.
    2. Attendance Requirement – all residents will be monitored to assure that they are making progress towards an education. At the end of the fifth, eighth, and tenth week of classes, the faculty will be required to submit a listing of students with excessive absenteeism (exceptions to this policy will be excused due to athletic competition, illness verified by medial doctor, or excused absence by a faculty member). This attendance report will be administered by the RLC. Students residing in RH who have poor attendance will be contacted and given a warning if it is their first offense. Students will be informed they are subject to removal from residence life at the College with one additional occurrence. Reports will be shared with the Financial Aid office and responsible scholarship donors.
    3. Any student who completes any long semester and has attained a 0.00 gpa will not be eligible to reside in the RH the following semester. These students will need to move out of the RH within 24 hours.

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    Residents should report to the Res Life Office in the Pearlman Student Center building during the established check-in times. Please follow the instructions below to insure a smooth and proper check-in:

    1. Upon arrival, meet with RL Staff.
    2. Read and sign your Housing Contract to receive your room assignment and room key.
    3. Go to the assigned room with Room Inventory Form and check the condition of the room. Fill out the Room Inventory Form; be sure to note ANY damaged or missing items. If you are in doubt about whether to list something, do it! You will be charged for unreported damage. Sign and return the Room Inventory Form to RL Staff.
    4. Move your personal possessions into your room. Without damaging the walls or furnishings, fix up your room to be comfortable and personal for you. (See: Room Decoration and Construction Policy)
    5. Meet your roommate/suitemates. Remember: Your ATTITUDE is the most important factor in whether you have a positive or negative experience living in a College RH.
    6. ***Furniture provided for use in private rooms or general lounge areas is not to be taken, borrowed, or exchanged from one room to another.*** 


    You should check-out of your room no later than 24 hours after your last exam. If you are graduating, contact RL Staff for a check-out time. Check out procedure:

    1. Sign up for a time to check-out with your RA or RHS at least 24 hours in advance.
    2. Remove ALL PERSONAL POSSESSIONS from your room.
    3. Place ALL TRASH and UNWANTED ITEMS in the trash dumpster located outside the building.
    4. Clean your room removing dirt and trash. Sweeping trash or unwanted items into the hall is not an acceptable form of cleaning your room.
    5. At your check-out time, the RA or RHS will check your room for trash and damaged items and collect your room key. Also, they will check your room inventory form as to condition of room from check-in to check-out. If room conditions are not the same, your deposit may be forfeited and additional charges may be assessed to return the room to its original condition. This includes cleaning and removal of all personal items.
    6. Residents should be prepared to leave at the check-out time.
    7. Students not returning to the RH the next semester are required to remove all of their possessions. Items left in the room after check-out will immediately become property of Panola College.
    8. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in improper check-out fines.


    Closing of the Residence Halls

    Each facility will close at the end of the semester and during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break periods. During closed periods, all residents must be out of the residence halls by posted times. Any resident found in the residence halls after the closing date and time, without written permission from the RLC, will forfeit his/her deposit and be charged a daily rate of $30. Students who plan to return after the Thanksgiving and Spring Break closings may leave their belongings in the rooms without going through the complete check-out procedure. Any student planning to return for the next semester (i.e. Christmas break) may leave their belongings but must unplug and empty refrigerators and turn in keys. Panola College accepts no responsibility for belongings left in rooms.

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    Damage Statement

    Each resident, in addition to the privileges and opportunities provided in the residence halls, is expected to use the Residence halls and furnishings in a reasonable manner. Damages a resident causes will be his/her responsibility. An assessment will be made of any damages, and the cost will be billed to the student involved. Students must not attempt to make any repairs themselves. A list of estimated repair and replacements costs will be on file for review in the RLC's office. Students are expected to promptly pay any cost to the College as soon as notification is made, whether it is possible to make notice to the student at check out time or the student must be notified afterwords. Following check-out, all charges due must be paid at the Business Office or a hold will be placed on student records until total payment is received. Any student, student organization, or group of students participating in activities that destroy, deface, or remove College property, or property of other students or visitors, will be held liable for full damages and will face disciplinary action.


    Key Policy and Procedures

    Each resident is provided a key to his/her RH room at check-in. A lost key will result in a $50.00 replacement charge to the student. If a resident loses a key, he/she should report the missing room key to the RLC immediately. Residents are expected to carry their room key at all times in order to gain entrance into their room. Do not give your key to anyone else. It is strongly recommended that students lock their rooms at all times. To insure greater safety and security for residents, room keys cannot be duplicated outside of the College.



    A student who is locked out of their room should first attempt to contact their RA if it is between 8 am and 10 pm. If they are unavailable or it is not within this time frame then the student should contact the RA on call posted on the calendar. Their will be a $5.00 charge to gain access to their room.


    Mandatory Hall Meetings

    Hall meetings will be scheduled throughout the semester to address specific issues. These meetings are mandatory. They will be treated the same as an official summons. The student is responsible for all information presented in a hall meeting. Failure to attend this meeting will result in a $100 fine.


    Noise Policy

    Residents should observe CONSIDERATION HOURS at all times of the day. This includes keeping noise to a minimum while moving throughout the halls and stairwells so as not to disturb others. In order to insure that students have the opportunity to exercise their rights to study and sleep in their rooms. QUIET HOURS have been established campus-wide from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. every day. During quiet hours, noise should be limited to a level that could not disturb the nearest neighbors’ attempts to sleep or study. Twenty-four hour quiet hours will be observed during final exams weeks.

    ****Music and noise should never be projected from the RH rooms to the outside of the building. Stereos, TV’s, musical instruments, and video games should be played at a volume that cannot be heard by the nearest neighbor. It is recommended that a headset be used with stereo equipment. This includes lobby areas: external speakers other than headphones will not be permitted on Lobby Computers.


    Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Grievance Policy

    Consistent with a commitment to a stated policy of non-discrimination, the College provides RH and dining services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap, veteran status, or genetic information. RH are, however, specifically designated for male or female occupancy. Facilities are provided without discrimination on the basis of disability, although not all RH and buildings have been modified to provide barrier-free access to students in wheelchairs. There are rooms designed to for students with disabilities, please contact the RLC for more information on accommodations. Considerable progress continues to be made in providing a campus that is virtually barrier-free. The faculty and staff maintain an open door policy for all individuals attending Panola College.


    Pet Policy

    For hygienic and safety purposes pets are not permitted in Panola College Residence halls. This includes but is not limited to animals, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders, birds, and rodents.


    Room Decoration and Construction Policy

    If you hang anything on the walls of your room, use materials that do not destroy paint or leave residue. Use sticky-putty/tack only. Nails, glue, double-sided tape, and other permanent adhesives require considerable labor and repair in restoring a room to proper condition. Room decorations which are considered offensive or abusive, or placing graffiti on walls or windows will result in disciplinary action. Panola College does not allow any wallpapering or any alteration of the existing décor. Expect to pay repair costs if your room has to be repainted. Appropriate window coverings are allowed.  


    Visitation Policy

    Residents are not permitted to have visitors of the opposite gender in their rooms except during specified hours. The hours are:                Sunday-Thursday: Noon-11:00 p.m.

                    Friday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight

    During these designated hours only, visitors may visit in the room by these guidelines:

    • Students must meet their guest in the hall lobby and escort them at all times.
    • Students will be responsible for their guest at all times and should make the guest aware of college policy.
    • Students will be responsible for their visitors’ actions.
    • Visitors are expected to comply with Panola College and RH rules and regulations.
    • Guests must be 18 years of age or above.

    The RLC may suspend visitation privileges as needed. During a time of Suspended Visitation, Visitation Fines will be DOUBLED. Any student who permits a person of the opposite gender in his/her room in a RH of Panola College, other than at designated visitation days/times will be subject to disciplinary action. If the unauthorized visitor is also a student, both students will be subject to disciplinary action. .

    • In any RH, crossing the threshold of the room door will be considered a visitation violation, no matter what the reason or length of stay. In Sharp Hall, crossing the threshold of the Hall door of residents of the opposite gender will be considered a visitation violation.
    • Fines and other disciplinary action may be assessed for behavior that violates additional college policies.
    • Roommates should also take responsibility for behavior in their room. Students present at the time of an offense may all be included in the disciplinary action.
    • Roommates should inform each other that a guest will be arriving for visitation.
    • Residents may not have overnight visitors without written authorization from the RLC.  Approved overnight guest must be of the same sex as the host and be at least 18 years old.  The must be registered and approved by the RLC.  Each guest will be limited to a maximum stay of two nights per semester and must observe the same rules and regulations of residents.  There will be an $10 fee per night for any overnight guest. A visitor registration form must be completed by the host, submitted to the RLC; payment made, and approved prior to any guest staying the night.  Any overnight guest that has not been approved will be asked to leave campus immediately, and their host will be fined $100. Residents must accompany the guest at all times.  Mutual consent of roommates will be considered.
    • All visitors in the lobby must be 17 years of age or older. Anyone younger must be accompanied by a parent (not including the resident) and must remain in the main lobby area. Residents with children are not allowed to keep their children in the RH. Baby-sitting in the Residence hall is not permitted.

    NOTE: Unauthorized Visitation has a zero-tolerance policy.

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    Appliances in Rooms:The possession of hot plates, popcorn poppers, broilers, deep fat fryers, incense, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, hot pots, halogen lamps, candles, electric frying pan and space heaters is expressly prohibited for fire safety reasons. If any of these items are found in your possession, they will be removed and the student will receive a $50 fine. Items may be collected when the student checks out of the RH. If you are unsure about an item, check with your RLC prior to moving in.


    Guns of any kind are strictly prohibited- (Airsoft, BB, Water, ect.) Many of these look similar to real guns, therefor to eliminate any possible confusion which could endanger the welfare of our students we don't allow ANY type of guns on campus. 


    Outdoor Grills: No BBQ grills of any kind will be permitted on campus except those provided by RL. If you need help locating a grill, contact RL Staff. Be courteous—clean up grilling areas after you use them!


    Conduct: No disorderly conduct, disregard for the physical well being, rights, and property of others, disturbance of the peace, fighting or abusive behavior will be tolerated. Roughhousing, running, throwing/bouncing/kicking of objects, use of athletic equipment is not allowed inside the RH.  


    Propping Doors: Exterior doors are locked to promote safety and limit access to RH by non-residents. These doors should not be propped open at any time. Any person found to be responsible for propping open a door will face disciplinary action. This applies to outer Apartment doors as well as Hallway/Stairwell doors in Sharp Hall.


    Projectiles: Dropping objects from windows, dartboards, throwing balls, Frisbees, bouncing balls, water balloons or other such objects in the RH is not permitted.


    Windows: Due to the security risks presented by open or unlocked windows, Residence hall windows should remain closed and locked at all times. In addition, open windows interfere with proper cooling and heating of the buildings. Windows should never be used for entering or exiting a building, except in an emergency.


    Illegal Drugs: The College has a formal Zero Tolerance policy that forbids illegal drugs on campus. Any student possessing such chemicals faces disciplinary action. “Illegal drugs shall be defined as a substance or substances defined and regulated under provisions of Article 4476-14 or Article 4476-5 of Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes, except as may be allowed by said provisions and includes but is not limited to CNS depressants, CNS stimulants, hallucinogens, and other illegal drugs as PCP (angel dust).” The use or possession of drugs, hallucinatory agents, and paraphernalia is prohibited on College-controlled property and will subject the student to disciplinary action. The production, transmittal, sale, or attempted sale of what is represented to be any of the above-listed substances is also prohibited under this policy. Also, students whose behavior is affected by the use of these items will be subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions which may be considered include but are not limited to: referral to drug and alcohol counseling or rehabilitation programs, fines, community service, probation, suspension, expulsion, and referral to appropriate law enforcement officials for prosecution.


    Alcohol: The possession, use, or advertising of any alcoholic beverage is not permitted on College-controlled property regardless of age. Possession of alcoholic beverages in an automobile on College-controlled property shall constitute a violation of this regulation. If it is believed you are intoxicated on campus you will be evaluated by Campus Police and possibly removed for medical treatment at your expense.


    Tobacco: The College Campus is a tobacco-free institution committed to providing its students and employees a safe and healthy environment.  The use of all tobacco products shall be prohibited on all property owned or operated by the College District.  This shall include buildings, grounds, sidewalks, and streets.  This policy shall also apply to vehicles owned and operated by the College District.

    Board Policy states:The use of all tobacco products and any electronic smoking or vapor emitting device shall be prohibited on all property owned or operated by the College District.

    Smoking: Smoking shall not be permitted in any College building on or off campus. Smoking shall not be permitted in any building spave leased by the College or used for College programs. Smoke is defined as: "a visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air" (synonyms: fumes, exhaust, gas, vapor, smog) Therefore the use of all smoking devices is prohibited on all property owned or operated by the College District. This shall include buildings, grounds, sidewalks, and streets.

    These  policies prohibit the use of tobacco and smoking devices including but not limited to cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, hooka or water pipe products, snuff, snus, clove, spit and smokeless tobaccoo, chew cigarettes, bidis, kreteks, and cigarillos.



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    Cable Television: Basic Cable is provided in all residence halls.


    Cleaning and Care: Custodial service is provided for common areas such as corridors, lobbies, and bathrooms in Sharp Hall and the lobby of Rodeo Hall. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain their individual rooms. All trash must be removed by students and placed in the dumpster. Custodians are not expected to take out personal garbage accumulated in or outside a resident’s room.


    Laundry: Washers and dryers are located in the Laundry Mat in the Rodeo Hall. Any communications related to the operation of the laundry facilities can be reported through the maintenance request system on the website. The laundry facilities are for residents only, any residents abusing this and allowing someone else in to the laundry facilities for use will lose the right to use the facility.  Monetary fines and/or suspended privileges will be given to anyone abusing the laundry facilities. We are not responsible for clothes left unattended in the laundry mat. Items left over 24 hrs will be discarded to the dumpsters.


    Mail: All Students residing in the RH will receive a mailbox key at time of check-in. The Campus Post Office is located in the Student Center, and incoming mail is delivered Monday through Friday. Check your mail frequently. We will place notices for events, meetings, and other important updates in your boxes. Lost keys will result in a $10 replacement fee.

    Mailing address:                          

                                                                    Student Name

                                                                    Panola College, Box #

                                                                    1109 West Panola

                                                                    Carthage, TX 75633


    Maintenance Requests: Requests for needed maintenance should be submitted to the RL Staff through our online form (http://legacy.panola.edu/residence_life/res_hall_maintenance_request.htm).  Emergency requests, involving imminent harm to person or property, should be reported in person to the RLC or the Student Success Office as soon as possible. Residence halls are professionally exterminated on a routine basis. Residents should contact the RL staff member if there is a continuing pest problem in a room.


    Microwaves: Microwave ovens are required to be connected to a surge protector. This promotes fire prevention.


    Privacy: Every resident is entitled to privacy in his/her room. Privacy is intended as a respect for the rights of the individual and not as a shield to protect any individual who is using a private room to engage in activities that violate State or Federal laws or College policies. The College reserves the right to enter a student’s room for the following reasons:

    • An occupant of the room may be ill, physically harmed or endangered
    • College property is being damaged
    • College policy or law is being violated
    • Routine inspection for maintenance or housekeeping needs
    • Random rooms selected for contraband search

    Panola College personnel and RL staff are authorized to visit rooms at any time to check on conduct, hall closing, room checks, response to an emergency, response to an alleged violation, reasonable suspicion of a violation, if a College regulation is being violated, maintenance, and/or to reclaim College property. Periodic room inspections take place in the RH to check on safety concerns. No RL staff member will invade a student’s privacy without first knocking and allowing the resident time to respond before entering into a private room.


    Public Behavior: Because the RH environment is a community atmosphere, the rights of fellow residents should always be considered. For this reason, water fights, horseplay, shaving cream fights, or creating a mess in the RH or other public area is not permitted. Such behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.


    Refrigerators: A resident may have a refrigerator in his/her room provided the following requirements are met:

    • Operated at 118 volts (+ or – 5%)
    • Maximum 4.6 cubic feet
    • During extended holidays and between semesters, it is emptied and unplugged
    • Refrigerators are subject to inspection
    • Refrigerators must be used in conjunction with a surge protector


    Solicitation and Posting: Solicitation and posting of materials in any housing area is prohibited without prior approval of the RLC.


    Telephones: Each room does have a phone outlet but phone service is not provided. The student must contact the local phone company to have service installed in their room. All telephone service expenses are the resident’s responsibility. AT&T (1-800-585-7928; anyone calling outside the US: 1-817-376-4200) is the service provider. . The rep will ask you the address of installation, please see the RLC for that address.                        


    ***Prank calls and fake 9-1-1 calls are violations of College policy and of the laws of the State of Texas. It is unlawful for any person to use vulgar, profane, obscene, or indecent language over any telephone or to use the telephone with the intent to harass, annoy, torment, abuse, threaten, or intimidate another person. Violation of this law is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment. Students receiving prank calls should notify the RLC who will work with Campus Police to trace the calls.


    Cancellation of Housing Contract

    • Requests to cancel an application for housing must be received by RL Office in writing 30 days prior to the check-in date in order for the deposit to be refunded.
    • Students who fail to claim a reserved room will forfeit their housing deposit and lose a campus housing assignment.
    • After the 12th class day you will be responsible for the entire portion of room costs.

    Requests for room deposit refunds for students who chose not to return to the RH must be completed online with in 30 days from the end of the semester of residence. Deposit refunds will be made only after the resident has completed the proper check-out procedure.

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    Meal plan costs are included in the cost of student housing.  The dining hall will begin service with the evening meal prior to RH orientation and will end service when the RH are closed. Students who have scheduling conflicts with dining hall hours of operation can arrange for a “sack lunch” to be prepared for them. The dining hall offers this, and many other services to accommodate student needs. For additional information, please call 903-693-2015.


    Dining Hall Hours:

                    Breakfast   Monday – Friday                           7:30 am – 9:00 am

                    Lunch : 7 days a week                                  11:00 am – 1:00 pm

                    Dinner:   7 days a week                                   5:30 pm – 6:30 pm                            

     Snack Bar:

                    Meal Exchange: Monday – Thursday             11:00 am.– 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm              


                    Retail Sales: Monday – Thursday                    9:00 am.– 1:00 pm

    Coffee Shop:

                    Retail Sales: Monday - Thursday                     7:00 am - 2:00 pm

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    Bathrooms: No personal belongings may be stored in the bathrooms. Any item left in the bathroom will be discarded daily. 


    Lobby Areas: All lobbies are open from 8:00am – 1:00am seven days a week. Snacks are permitted in lobby areas. Each person is expected to leave no remains or trash on the floor, furniture, or tables. Panola College furniture should be treated with care. Items should not be removed from the lobby areas. Personal belongings should not be left in the lobby areas. Students are encouraged to keep any public displays of affection to a minimum. Students may be asked to leave any building on campus and be disciplined for not abiding by this policy. Misuse or abuse of common area may result in a fine for all residents that share that area.


    Vending Machines: Panola College is not responsible for money lost in vending machines. Please report losses to the Business Office so that the vending operators can be notified.


    Personal Property – Loss and Theft: Residents are urged to report all losses and thefts to their RHS and Campus Police immediately. For the security of your belongings, it is to your benefit to lock your room when asleep or whenever you are not present. As stated on your Residence Contract, Panola College is NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR LOSS, THEFT, OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL POSSESSIONS OR ASSETS, INCLUDING MONEY. Panola College recommends that personal property insurance be purchased for any valuable items which the resident intends to keep in their assigned space.

    • Keep your door locked.
    • Ask who is at the door before you open it.
    • Lock the door when you leave, even if your roommate is in.  This way you are sure that you have your key and that your roommate is safe.
    • If someone harasses you on the street or you think someone is following you, contact Campus Police.
    • If you see someone wandering in the halls that doesn’t belong, call the RA or Campus Police and report it immediately. Don’t let the situation pass.
    • If something serious happens, follow the chain of command until someone is reached IMMEDIATELY.


    Removal from a RH: Residents can be removed from the RH through College action for the following reasons:

    1. Violation of College policy
    2. Failure to complete payments for room and board
    3. Disruptive or violent conduct
    4. Failure to adjust to community living

    No refund of housing charges is made for removal under these conditions. If you are removed from housing, your deposit is forfeited. The College reserves the right to take action through the College disciplinary system and/or through legal channels in situations where the conduct of the student is detrimental to the basic mission of the College. Members of the College community include students, faculty, staff, and authorized campus visitors.


    Roommate Mediation: Roommate/suitemate conflicts often occur due to a lack of communication between people and a resistance to compromise. Most of the issues that occur are ones that can be easily resolved if only the roommates/suitemates will talk to each other. Here are a few easy steps to help you if you are in a conflict with your roommate/suitemate:

    1. Complainant discusses problem with staff; staff gives tips on how to talk with roommate.
    2. Complainant addresses concern(s) directly with the roommate/suitemate.
    3. Staff follows up with complainant. If problem remains, mediation meeting is held between the parties involved and the staff. A roommate/suitemate contact may be formulated to help negotiate a compromise.
    4. Staff will follow up on situation and revise roommate contract as needed.
    5. Only after a staff member feels that the roommate/suitemate mediation process has been worked through may changes in room assignment be considered.

    There are certain rights one should be able to count on when living with others. When some of these rights are not respected, conflict may arise.


    Severe Weather Procedures: During severe weather alerts, residents are encouraged to monitor TV and radio reports and should take reasonable precautions. In the event of a tornado, all students should move immediately to the interior hallways/rooms on the lowest possible floor away from windows. Hall staff will try to communicate with students about severe weather threats; however, in a critical situation, time may not allow for room-by-room notification.

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Alcohol –possession/consumption/intoxication

1st Offense - $100 fine, 10 hours community service, and Alcohol 101 class to be completed

2nd  Offense -$200 fine, 20 hours community service, and student placed on probation

3rd  Offense - Immediate removal

Drugs paraphernalia

1st Offense - $200 fine, 20 hours of community service, and Drugs 101 class to be completed; student placed on probation.

2nd Offense – Immediate removal

Drugs – possession

Immediate removal

Forfeit deposit

Campus Police WILL be notified IMMEDIATELY of any violation of our Alcohol or Drug Policy


1st Offense - $150, 20 hours of community service, referral to a counselor, and placed on probation.*

2nd Offense – Immediate removal

*If a weapon is used you will be deemed a danger to others and immediately removed from housing.

Destruction of Property/Vandalism:

1st Offense - $150 plus costs of materials and labor plus an additional 15%.

2nd Offense - Immediate removal plus above charges.

Failure to Attend a Mandatory RH Meeting:

1st Offense - $100

2nd Offense - $150

3rd Offense - Immediate removal

Obscene and Abusive Language:

1st Offense - $100

2nd Offense - $150

3rd Offense - Immediate removal

Improper/Inappropriate Lobby Computer Usage:

1st Offense - $100

2nd Offense - $200

3rd Offense - Immediate removal

This includes virus download or usage, pornography, software pirating or copying, or any similar offense regardless of severity. External speakers other than headphones are not permitted on lobby computers.

Propping Doors:

1st Offense - $50

2nd Offense - $100

3rd Offense – Immediate removal

Pet in Residence Hall:

1st Offense - $100

2nd Offense - $200

3rd Offense - Immediate removal

Stolen Property:

1st Offense – fined commensurate of stolen property or $200, which ever is minimum and put on probation

2nd Offense – Immediate removal


1st Offense - $50 *

2nd Offense - $100 *

3rd Offense – Immediate removal

This applies to but is not limited to Fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency lights, and smoke alarms.

* Fifteen percent above the amount of materials will be charged to the student for repair of damaged property.

Inappropriate Use of Tobacco Products:

1st Offense - $50

2nd Offense - $100

3rd Offense - Immediate removal

Unauthorized Entry:

1st Offense - $50

2nd Offense - $100

3rd Offense - Immediate removal

This includes a student’s improper entry into their own residence hall or room.

Unauthorized Visitation:

1st Offense - $100;

2nd Offense - $200 and 10 Hours Community Service;

3rd Offense – Immediate removal


1st Offense - $10

2nd Offense - $20

3rd Offense - $50

Excessive littering will double fines or is grounds for removal.


1st Offense - $50

2nd Offense - $100

3rd Offense – Immediate removal

Improper room change:

1st Offense - $200

2nd Offense – Immediate removal


1st Offense - $100 and confiscation of weapon for sale

2nd Offense – confiscation and immediate removal

Failure to evacuate when fire alarm sounds:

1st Offense - $100

2nd Offense - $200

3rd Offense – Immediate removal

Failing room check:

1st Offense - $50

2nd Offense - $100

3rd Offense – Immediate removal

This list is not exhaustive, and fines may be coupled with further disciplinary action including community service and/or developmental education seminars. In addition, probation and/or suspension may be recommended at any penalty phase. Students refusing to pay fines will have a hold placed on all records, registration blocked, and could be subject to a loss of housing privileges or other disciplinary action. At any time the RL staff reserves the right for immediate removal from the RH, based on the severity of the incident, or an accumulation of incident.

Community Service hours not completed by the end of the semester will be translated into a monetary amount at the rate of $10 per hour owed.

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