Application Process

Admission to Panola College, prerequisites and an overall GPA of 2.50 or better to apply.

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Giving back Independence and Hope       

Occupational Therapy uses meaningful and purposeful activities and occupations to promote health and independence.  Under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist (OT), the occupational therapy assistant (OTA) works directly with individuals, families, groups and communities to facilitate health and well-being through engagement in meaningful activities and occupations.  In addition to direct patient care, occupational therapy practitioners are involved in addressing the impact of social, political and environmental factors that contribute to occupational deprivation. 

In this program, students learn to analyze how the person (client), their environment (home, support systems, etc.) and their occupations (roles, tasks) interrelate and effect health, wellness and every day functioning. The goal of the program is to graduate competent professionals who use clinical reasoning to provide occupational therapy services that are client centered, occupation based, and evidence based.  Graduates from this program are skilledhandsonwall at establishing therapeutic relationships and have a strong appreciation of the importance of community service.

The OTA Program is in the Health and Natural Science building located at 1109 W. Panola Street; and is operated under the guidance of the American Occupational Therapy Association. The program consists of five academic semesters and two, eight-week Level II fieldwork experiences that must be completed within 18 months following the completion of academic courses. The curriculum ensures a balance of theoretical and technical courses as well as supervised application of skills in area health care facilities. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree.

The OTA curriculum is taught by seasoned occupational therapy practitioners who are experienced in a variety of settings.  OTA faculty specialize in adult education techniques that emphasize hands-on learning, mentorship, meaningful and job-relevant assignments and the use of technology to enhance instruction.