Course Outline

Non-MLT Requirements (Taken in addition to required semester courses)

BIOL     2404              Intro to A&P                             

BIOL     2421              Microbiology           

CHEM  1405 or 1411   General Chemistry              

MATH   1314 or higher College Math

ENGL   1301               Composition                             

HITT     1353               Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care

HITT     1305               Medical Terminology                  

ELECTIVE                  Humanities Elective

ELECTIVE                  Social/Behavior Science Elective


Semester I (Fall)                                                                     Semester II (Spring)

MLAB       1201        Intro to Clinical Lab Science                        MLAB            1227        Coagulation

PLAB       1223        Phlebotomy or Credit by Credential              MLAB            1235        Immunology/Serology

MLAB       1415        Hematology                                               MLAB            1331        Parasitology/Mycology

                                                                                               MLAB            1211        Urinalysis/Body Fluids


Semester III (Summer)                                                           Semester IV (Fall)

Take at least 6 hours on Non-MLT requirements                           MLAB            2401        Clinical Chemistry   

                                                                                               MLAB            2431        Immunohematology


Semester V (Spring)                                                                Semester VI (Summer)

MLAB            2534        Clinical Microbiology                              MLAB            2266        Practicum I

MLAB            2238        Advanced Topics/Seminar*                      MLAB            1167        Practicum II



                                                                                               Total Semester Hours= 65


*Capstone Learning Experience

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