Criminal Background Checks

    All students who apply and meet the minimum requirements for admission, will be required to complete a fingerprinting background check conducted by the Texas Board of Nursing. Students with ANY item in their criminal background including cases that have been "adjudicated", "dismissed", or "expunged" MAY take up to six months to be investigated and resolved.  You may start the process early by going to the Texas Board of Nursing website and downloading instructions for the declaratory process.

Requirements and Selection Process

The conditions for admission to the LVN program are outlined in the current Panola College Catalog. Because the nursing profession requires a high level of performance, nursing students are held to a higher admission standard than students enrolled in general academic classes.


  • NURA 1301 - Nurse Aide for Health Care
  • Biology 2404 or Biology 2401& 2402 (must have a C or higher in the biology course /courses).

LVN Admission Procedures and Selection Process

All applicants will be required to take an admission exam. A minimum score of 75 must be achieved in Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Math on the HESI A2. The admission exam may only be taken twice for purposes of admission. Students who repeat must take all three sections and use the higher total score (selective scoring will not be allowed).

  • Positions will be offered until class limit is met.
  • Acceptance letters will be sent out after all applications have been reviewed and checked for accuracy. This process will take 3-4 weeks after deadline.
  • The LVN Program uses a mathematical formula to compute an applicant’s ranking score. The ranking score is based on four criteria. This ranking score is used to select qualified applicants for admission.

    The formula is as follows:
          Rank: =
  • Points for HESI A2 cumulative test score (minimum 75 required on Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Math): points = 10% of total score (e.g. score of 79 earns 7.9 points)
  • 2 points for having a active CNA license or 1 point for CNA course
  • 1 point for having been employed as a CNA for one year
  • 1 point for Med Aide, MLT or HIT
  • 3 points for a C, 4 points for a B, or 5 points for an A in A&P (BIOL 2404 or BIOL 2401 & BIOL 2402);  extra point for having BIOL 2401 & BIOL 2402
  • 1 point for completing Biol 2404 or Biol 2401 & 2402, or CNA course at  Panola College

Examples: Rank: (10) + (2) + (1) + (1) + (5) + (2) + (1)= 21 maximum number that can be achieved

Rank: (7.9) + (2) + (0) + (5) + (1) = 15.9

Students will be ranked according to this formula and the top 40 positions will be offered a place in the program.  The rank list will be used to complete the roster in the event a student declines or does not meet all admission criteria.


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