Panola College Curriculum Vitae Implementation and Maintenance.

Panola College has maintained vitae for faculty routinely as a part of the process for meeting requirements of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges. A database of faculty vitae for the College website has been created and includes information as identified by H. B. 2504. Faculty receive annual notices to update vitae information. The online Curriculum Vitae database in maintained by the Director of Human Resources. Newly hired adjunct (including dual credit) faculty records are reviewed each semester by the Director of Human Resources to add new hires as needed. The Vice President of Instruction works with the Director of Human Resources to assure accuracy of information.


Alexander, Shelly

Andreatta, Jacky

Bauer, Sandra

Beasley, Teresa

Bishop, Kimberly

Brewster, Ashley

Brooks, Jeff

Bush, Sarah

Calhoun, Amy (inactive)

Cassell, Clint

Clark, Amber

Clements, Amanda

Cocklin, Don

Collins, Jeffrey

Collinsworth, Roberta

Comer, Shelbea (inactive)

Coon, Jennifer

Cox, Brooke (inactive)

Curry, Dana (inactive)

Davis, Lynn

Dickerson, Mark

Ferguson, Dwayne

Fotinos, Tonya

Frizzell, Kevin

Fults, Paula

Galiano, Patti (inactive)

Gruber, Betty

Hall, Daniel

Healy, Janet

Hibbard, Lindsey

Hooten, Patricia

Hubbard, Dwaine

Hudson, Darrell

Jacobs, Ashlie (inactive)

Jackson, Annissa

Joffe, Sharon (inactive)

Johnson, Corey

Jones, Brian

Jones, Kimberly

Jones, Paula (inactive)

King, Karen

King, Terrie

Kite, Eddie

Koller, Mary

Lambert, Cheri

Leming, Julie

Lemoine, Joseph (inactive)

McClellan, Karen (inactive)

McCray, Amber

McDaniel, Daron

McMillan, Grant

Miller, Lisa

Morton, Ronnie

Mothershed, Tamra

Naples, Brian

Noble, Karen (inactive)

Offer, Bill

Pace, Michael

Peace, Sharon

Permenter, Jim

Pike, Pam

Redmon, Patti

Russell, Jo Ellen

Rutherford, Kevin

Salone, Charde'

Shelton, Todd

Singletary, Tim

Singleton, Ron

Smith, Bobbie

Spencer, Earnest

Stewart, Stevie

Stilley-Bickham, Amanda (inactive)

Sullen, Joslyn

Vance, Laura

Walker, Becky

Walters, Melissa (inactive)

Watlington, Kathy

Wilkins, Bob

Wilkins, Denise

Witherspoon, Laura

Wylie, Jaynellen

Zabcik, Emily



Adams, Dwayne

Alfaro, Becky

Allen, Alice

Barker, Charlotte

Barnett, Sherri

Bartlett, Jack

Beasley, Mike

Benton, Brandon (inactive)

Blackwell, Rodney

Blair, Chris

Blaylock, Adam

Boland, Ann

Boone, Tim (inactive)

Britt, Teresa

Brooks, Barbara (inactive)

Brooks, Teresa

Bryan, Laura

Burkindine, Jill

Chance, Mary

Cook, Ginger

Cook, Shelley 

Cordell, Barbara

Cothran, Alyssa

Cross, Solomon

Davis, Jolene (inactive)

Dickson, Johnny

Edge, Larry

Elder, Michael (inactive)

Ferguson, Cristie

Foster, Christina

Franklin, Ashleigh (inactive)

Fry, Becky

Galetar, Judy (inactive)

Galloway, Robert

Gaston, Jennifer

Gee, Stacy

Geisler, William

Geye, Gretchin

Gibson, Jim

Graves, Jason

Green, Julie

Greenhouse, Nicki (inactive)

Gullette, Becky

Hall, Debra

Hamilton, Brenda

Harrington, Amber

Harris, Amy

Harris, Ashley

Harris, Joseph

Harrison, Earnest (inactive)

Harrison, Hiram

Hart, Reanna

Hays, Jane

Hervey, Erica

Hines, Hunter

Holler, Bill (inactive)

Hooten, Tom (inactive)

Hudson, Chelsea

Hunter, Derek

Jaskiewicz, John

Jennings, Melinda

Johnson, Charlene

Johnson, Shannon

Kacenjar, Leonard (inactive)

Keeling, Nancy (inactive)

Kelley, Deborah

Kennedy, Kathy

Klingler, Chasity

Koonce, Delilah

Kotin, Stephan (inactive)

Lawrence, Eric

Lester, Cancee

Loftice, Matt

Lower, Jacquelyn (inactive)

McAfee, Leslie (inactive)

McFarland, Gayle

McGowan, Mike (inactive)

McInnis, Jeff (inactive)

Miller, Dana (inactive)

Mills, Theresa

Moreland, Joy

Nafe, Sarah

Nohse, Becky

Odom, Curtis

Oswalt, Natalie

Ott, Betsy

Owens, Rebecca (inactive)

Pace, Jessica

Pigg, Mary

Reed, Richard (inactive)

Reyes, Schelice

Reynolds, Sue Ann

Rice, Mary

Rogers, Kathy

Runnels, James

Serna, Celina

Shaw, Jami

Silvey, Lynn

Simpson, Nancy (inactive)

Simpson, William

Singleton, Donna

Smith, Stacie

Stampley, Lisa

Sypert, Sharon (inactive)

Taylor, Leslie

Thornton, Charles

Thrasher, Lauren

Tomlinson, Tonya (inactive)

Turner, Beth (inactive)

Turner, Tami

Ungerer, Kimberly

Villarreal, Becky (inactive)

Wade, Larry

Watlington, Chris

West, Dana (inactive)

Williamson, Jeri

Willoughby, Levi (inactive)

Windham, Claire

Winn, Rusty