Contact Numbers

  • Days:

    Ernie Davis - 903-693-1112 or 903-754-1693

  • Evenings:

    Ken Richter - 903-693-1114 or 903-926-1762

  • Nights:

    Sheila Ritter - 903-693-1111 or 903-692-2815

  • Weekends: 

    Rick Davis - 903-693-1114 or 281-796-1499

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Campus Police

Serving Students and Employees of Panola College

The primary goal of the Panola College Police Department is to serve and protect the social and academic environment that sustains and encourages moral and intellectual growth while preserving the legal rights of individuals.

The Police Department is composed of certified law enforcement officers who have the power to enforce all Texas laws and college regulations on the property owned or operated under the direction of Panola College.

An officer and/or additional staff members are on duty on a 24-hour basis. The force serves the staff and students by helping to maintain the safety and security of each person and his/her possessions while on campus.

The Police Department is housed in the Maintenance Building on the main campus which is located next to the student apartments.

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Campus Information

Student Right to Know Campus Security Data Analysis 

PDF Crisis Management Plan

PDF Safety Plan for Panola College 

PDF About Campus Parking 

PDF Violations and Fines 

PDF Parking Permit Form 

PDF Crime Prevention Tips

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Panola College Officers

Campus PolicePictured Left to Right: Officer - Sheila Ritter; Part Time Officer Rick Davis;Chief of Police - Ernie Davis; Officer/Safety Coordinator - Ken Richter; Not Pictured: Reserve Deputy - Mark Dickerson