About Hybrid Courses at Panola College

A hybrid (sometimes called blended) course is taught part online and part in a traditional face-to-face class setting; therefore, students get the best of both methods of instruction. Most students and professors consider this ideal.

An online hybrid is 50% or more online. A face-to-face hybrid is less than 50% online.

Students access the online portion of their hybrid course using the learning management system Canvas. It is important to attend the first class meeting because this is when your professor will provide any details regarding the class. In a hybrid course, students interact with their professor and classmates both in person and online.

Online course materials vary from class to class, but may include readings, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, interactive lessons, Internet resources, discussions, group projects, and more. While students can generally chose a time to work on their online assignments, there are deadlines to meet throughout the semester.

Students with no experience in taking online courses like to explore online learning by taking a hybrid course first.

The advantages to taking a hybrid course is a reduction of time and travel to the campus and one-on-one real time with your professor and classmates.

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