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Aug. 17   Wed.   Wiley Scrimmage   Carthage   6:00 PM
Aug. 20   Sat.   Green & White Scrimmage   Carthage   TBD
Aug. 26-27   Fri./Sat.   Ronda Shirley Invitational   Tyler, TX   TBA
     Fri.   Panola vs. Hill College         10:00 AM
    Fri.   Panola vs. West Plains       12:00 PM
    Sat.   Panola vs. Temple       9:00 AM
    Sat.   Panola vs. NCTC       11:00 AM
Aug. 29   Mon.   Brookhaven   Carthage   6:00 PM
Sept. 2-3   Fri./Sat.   Patriot Day Tournament   Pasadena, TX   TBA
    Fri.    Lee College       11:00 AM
    Fri.   Hillsborough CC       3:00 PM
    Sat.   Victoria College       11:00 AM
     Sat.   Wharton County JC        3:00 PM 
Sept. 7   Wed.   *Navarro   Carthage   7:00 PM
Sept. 9   Fri.   Temple College   Temple, TX   5:00 PM
Sept. 14   Wed.   *Tyler Jr College   Carthage   7:00 PM
Sept. 16-17   Fri./Sat.   Lee College Tournament   Baytown, TX    
    Fri.     Panola vs. San Jac       2:00 PM 
    Fri.   Panola vs. Lee College       6:00 PM 
    Sat.   Panola vs. Midland       10:00 AM
    Sat.   Panola vs. Victoria        4:00 PM
Sept. 24   Sat.   *Trinity Valley CC   Athens, TX   2:00 PM
Sept. 27   Tues.   Blinn College   Carthage   6:00 PM
Sept. 30   Fri.   TJC Invitational (Day 1 only)    Tyler, TX    
         Panola vs. Seward County        10:00 AM
        Panola vs. West Plains       12:00 PM
Oct. 1   Sat.   Brookhaven Tri-Match   Richardson, TX    
        Panola vs Brookhaven        10:00 AM
        Panola vs Seminole St       12:00 PM
Oct. 5   Wed.   *Navarro College   Corsicana, TX   7:00 PM
Oct. 6   Thurs.   Blinn College   Brenham, TX   6:00 PM
Oct. 7-8   Fri./Sat.   Applebees Classic   Brenham, TX    
    Fri.   Panola  vs Temple College        9:00 AM
    Fri.   Panola vs Iowa Western       5:00 PM
    Sat.   Panola vs Illinois Central       12:00 PM
Oct. 12   Wed.   *Tyler Jr. College   Tyler, TX   7:00 PM
Oct. 15   Sat.   Panola Tri-Match   Carthage    
        Panola vs Mountainview       12:00PM
        Mountainview vs SW Christian       2:00pm
        Panola vs SW Christian       4:00pm
Oct. 22   Sat.   *Trinity Valley CC   Carthage   2:00 PM
Oct. 28   Fri.   Wharton County JC   Carthage   5:00 PM
Nov. 4-6   Fri.-Sun. Region XIV Tourn. @ Lee   Baytown, TX   TBA
Nov. 17-19   Thur.-Sat.  NJCAA National Tourn.   Casper, WY   TBA


*Denotes Region XIV North Conference Matches

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