Panola College Performing Arts Presents: Asleep at the Wheel

Asleep at the Wheel
Over the last 42 years, Asleep at the Wheel has boldly defied the fickle lures of the mainstream & thrived by sticking to their cause of keeping Western Swing alive and kicking. For their efforts, they’ve earned nine Grammy awards. Now, Panola College is proud to present a live performance by Asleep at the Wheel as part of its Performing Arts Series. 


September 14th at 7pm.


The Carthage Convention Center, 1702 S. Adams St.

How much?

$25 admission.



A band made up entirely of Panola College choir students, Chasing Stable, will open for Asleep at the Wheel. Members include Rachael Sutton, Rachel Gee, and Sydney Gee and they utilize a variety of instruments.


Chasing Stable