1.   The College District's Compact with Texans under Government Code 2114.006. [See AFA]

 2.   In a prominent place, an accessible link to the College District's online resumes maintained on Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Internet Website under Education Code 51A.003. [See AFA]   http://www.panola.edu/ir

 3.   The cost of attendance for a first-time entering full-time student in accordance with the uniform standards prescribed by the Commissioner, under Education Code 61.0777 and 19 TAC 21.222. [See AFA]

This is published in the College online catalog http://www.panola.edu/student-success/catalog.html and in the online schedule of classes.

4.   Conflicts disclosure statements and questionnaires, under Local Government Code 176.009. [See BBFA, CFE]http://www.tasb.org/policy/pol/private/183501/pol.cfm?DisplayPage=BBFA(XHIBIT).pdf

 5.   Notice of a Board meeting and, if the College district contains all or part of the area within the corporate boundaries of a municipality with a population of 48,000 or more, the agenda for a Board meeting, under Education Code 551.056. [See BD]http://www.panola.edu/about/board.html

 6.   On the home page the prescribed statement if the College District proposes to increase the amount of taxes to fund maintenance and operation expenditures, under Tax Code 26.05. [See CAI] http://www.panola.edu

7.   If the website is generally accessible, a link to the state expenditure database under Government Code 2054.126. [See CDA] http://www.panola.edu/fiscal-services/

 8.   A College District shall report its energy usage information on a publicly accessible Internet website with an interface designed for ease of navigation, if available, under Government Code 2265.001. [See CH]

Panola College Energy Savings Program: http://www.panola.edu/home/about-us/required-internet-postings/421.html

 9.   In a prominent location, the code of conduct for the college District's officers, employees, and agents under 20 U.S.C. 1094. [See DBD] Board Member Ethics:http://www.gc.edu/gc/State_Agency_Energy_Savings_Program.asp?SnID=1210001961

Ethics Prohibited Practices: http://www.tasb.org/policy/pol/private/183501/pol.cfm?DisplayPage=BBFB(LEGAL).pdf

 10.   The end-of-course evaluations of faculty according to a plan developed under Education Code 51.974(h) and 19 TAC 4.227(10) and 4.228(e). [See DLA]  http://www.panola.edu/human-resources/directory.html 

 11.   Information about each undergraduate classroom course offered for credit not later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered as provided by Education Code 51.974 and 19 TAC 4.225 to 4.228. [See EFA]   Published in College online catalog: http://www.panola.edu/student-success/catalog.html

 12.   The College District's policy to grant undergraduate course credit to entering freshmen students who have successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program who have achieved required scores on one or more examinations in the Advanced Placement Program or the College-Level Examination Program, or who have successfully completed one or more courses offered through concurrent enrollment in high school and at an institution of higher education with the application materials under Education Code 51.968. [See EGA]  Published in College online catalog: http://www.panola.edu/student-success/catalog.html

 13.   Guidelines addressing the practices of the College District regarding the transfer of course credit under Education Code 61.830. [See EGA]  Published in College online catalog: http://www.panola.edu/student-success/catalog